Preliminary Human Rights Impact Assessment: Magnetotelluric (MT) Prospection BY TOTAL E&P Bolivie Bolque Azero


Multinational company TOTAL E&P has been operating in the Chaco region since 2003, where some of the poorest municipalities in Bolivia are located and whose situation of poverty has not changed much after a decade of natural gas exploitation. The population in Bloque Azero case is particularly vulnerable, especially since there are many Guaraní communities living there that just recently have been released by the Bolivian State from their captivity/slavery living condition inside estates.

The preliminary independent assessment performed by Oxfam focuses on an analysis of the responsibilities of the French company, Total, and its subsidiary in Bolivia, TEPBO, to respect human rights in the context of its voluntary adherence to the «Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, implementing the United Nations Protect, Respect, and Remedy Framework».

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